Small Projects   Perhaps you have a particular room you’d like to just get organized once and for all, or something that has been bugging you that you just need to fine tune (like mail and paperwork coming into the house).  This is a specific project with a definitive goal.

Organizing for People with ADD/ADHD   Learn to recognize how ADD/ADHD comes into play in your life and develop strength-based skills and strategies to create a life that fits.

Organizing Services

Jenny’s Jump Start   Perfect for the do-it-yourself person just looking to get pointed in the right direction.  Four visits, each one hour in length, scheduled over a one to two month period of time.

Side-by-Side   For someone who feels like they “don’t know anything” or like they are “missing the organizing gene!”  This work focuses on identifying systems that best suit the client’s style of operating and learning skills to support the systems identified.

Large Projects   Need help reorganizing and entire home to ready it for sale?  How about cleaning out the home of a deceased loved-one who was a hoarder?  Organizing Made Easy can bring a team in to get big jobs done fast.

Organizing for Couples   Are you in a relationship with two great people but two very different organizing styles?  Find out how to work together (and independently) to reach a place where peace is possible.

Linda and her team have helped hundreds of people with their organizing needs, including providing follow-up work for A&E’s TV show Hoarders.